At Full Spectrum Healing Arts, we offer Energy Healing Treatments, Addiction Cessation programs, Massage Therapy, Well Being Coaching, Peak Performance Coaching, and training in the Mind/Body Connection through meditation and visualization techniques. All geared to help you improve your state of of well being. We can help you quit smoking, lose weight, decrease stress, heal faster from illness and injury, and improve your life and your energy levels.  

Our main expertise is in helping people quit smoking, quit alcohol and recreational drugs, and quit sugar and gluten. The Energy Healing treatments, which are used in all the addiction treatment programs, are also effective for a massive amount of health situations, as your energy life (aura, soul, mind) is the very core of your health.

We offer workshops into healing for those interested in tools to improve the Well Being state of their life as well as fundamental practices and understandings of the vast unseen and mostly unknown domain of Healing. A husband and wife team with over 38 combined years in the field, Steve and Jenia Quinn are pleased to welcome you to their Healing Arts practice.  They have locations in midtown Manhattan (E 37th) and Garrison, New York, easily accessible to Westchester and Putnam Counties.

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